Baby Girl Nursery

Baby Girl Nursery

As soon as we found out we were expecting a baby girl, the planning of her nursery began. We wanted her to have a special place that was both beautiful to look at and cozy to be in but also super functional for Philipp and I. We knew we didn’t want to have a theme for her nursery so we decided to incorporate splashes of pastels with neutrals as our base color. The main inspiration for the color palette stemmed from two Fifi Lapin prints I had collected and knew would find a home in baby girl’s nursery. These would be the main focal points we would center the room around to create a cohesive feel. We also wanted to add plenty of special pieces with meaning to give the space warmth. For example, we chose to include photographs of my mom as well as a black and white photo of P’s Oma (who baby girl is named after) and Opa. This way we could always refer to the photos when we tell her stories about her family in heaven. We also included other sentimental items like my baby bible and small knick knacks my mom purchased for me throughout the years.

In order to make the room parent friendly, we meticulously picked essentials that would make our lives easier. We chose to opt out on buying a separate changing table and instead purchased the hatch baby grow scale to place on top of the dresser. We love this set up because we can stand at the end of the dresser to change her and then throw all the dirty stuff away in the Ubbi Diaper Pail we positioned right there for easy access. Another item we love is our nursery chair. We chose this Kiwi electronic recliner because it had everything we wanted and needed. It is a rocking chair, it reclines, swivels, and also includes a USB charging port for us to charge our phones while feeding baby girl. We also strung star lights (similar here) along the window treatments to give the room enough light to see during night feedings/changes but maintain that night time feel so baby doesn’t wake. This really gives the room a cozy feel that we all love.

Creating her nursery has been such an enjoyable experience. We spent countless hours placing everything in the perfect positions to prepare for her arrival and now that she is here, we are thankful we took the time and effort to make this room perfect for our little family of three.