Stop and Smell the Roses

Sundays are the ultimate relaxation days. After a long week and busy weekend, it’s nice to take a day to wind down and prepare to repeat it all again. Atlanta had a bit of a down pour and we thought we’d  be stuck inside all day, but the sun came out, so we did the same! We went to the most adorable cafe near our home and had some delicious mini macarons along with a tasty malted milkshake. We wanted to explore some more so we went for a walk along the Atlanta Belt-line.  It was full of runners, bikers, and beautiful street art. As we were walking, we came across so many beautiful painted buildings like this pink wall. This one was obviously my favorite because of all the assorted shades of pink.

Although it had rained earlier in the afternoon, it was still hot and humid out so I decided to wear this flowy eyelet dress from Loft. I like the cut and shape of it, but my favorite parts are the neckline and the length. I love dresses, but I also like to feel comfortable when sitting and such. This one falls just below my knees so I didn’t have to spend the day worrying about it. I decided to pair it with some black Tory Burch reva flats and my celine nano that I received as a birthday gift last year. I know I will be getting many wears out of this outfit throughout the summer months and can’t wait to experiment with different accessories.



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