Skincare Favorites

With all the skincare tips and tricks out there it can be hard to keep up. This is why I like to keep my routine as simple as possible starting with drinking plenty of water to keep my skin hydrated from within. Of course I love my products but ensuring my body is getting the water it desires is key for me. If only I could get more disciplined with the healthy eating aspect of it all. Anyway, I try to drink at least Eighty ounces on the daily with somedays being easier than others. Some things that help me reach my goals are finding new and fun ways to motivate myself like having a competition at work to see who can reach their water goal or finding a nice bottle or cup like this one for at home or this one for on the go.


I wouldn’t say my skin is too sensitive, but it is prone to spots if I am not using the correct  skincare products. I love when skincare has a citrus or floral scent but unfortunately my skin does not. In order to avoid any skin issues, I invest in “fragrance-free” products. After trying many moisturizers throughout the years, I finally found one without fragrance that helps keep my skin clear, hydrated and looking its best. I am talking about the need in your life Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream by Peter Thomas Roth. I currently apply this moisturizer both morning and night at the end of my skincare routine and my skin looks and feels hydrated and healthy all day.


Although I don’t see many signs of aging on my skin as of yet, I always want to be proactive. I splurged on this Un-Wrinkle Fast–Acting Serum, which has become another one of my Peter Thomas Roth obsessions. I use a pea size amount for my forehead, under my eyes, and on my could be one day laugh lines. This product leaves my skin looking fresh and youthful so it was well worth the investment plus a little goes a long way.


Finding the proper products for my skin seemed like a long process but now that I have my skin under control everything else falls into place. My make up goes on smoother and I definitely have more confidence! On those days when I don’t get enough sleep and am in need of an extra little pick me up I apply these Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches for about Fifteen minutes. They help with any puffiness and dark circles I may have from lack of sleep. I also use and love the Irish Moor Mud cleanser if my skin is feeling congested and next on my beauty wish list are these 24K Gold Eye Patches!

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*This post contains Shopstyle affiliate links. Should you feel inclined to click on any of the above links (at no cost to you, my readers), I will be ever so grateful as they provide me income to continue following my passion.

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