Currently in the Mood for Happiness

Spring is the perfect time for a new beginning. I have been so inspired and motivated lately to better myself as an individual and find new ways to add a touch of happiness into my everyday routine. Life can get so busy with work, family, and other obligations that it is easy forget to enjoy the simple things in life. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite things that add happiness to my day.

I have so many moments when I am way too hard on myself and wish certain situations could be different, until I hear about another person’s journey that makes me realize I have so much to be thankful for these days. I wanted to find ways to remind myself of the goodness in my life so I can live more in the moment. Philipp and I had been talking about starting gratitude journals so when I saw The Five Minute Journal on Instagram, I ordered two of them immediately. Ever since I began journaling, I notice a difference in the way I think and feel. I highly recommend this journal for anyone wanting to exercise gratitude and feel their best self.


Most people want to visit Paris for the Eiffel tower, but I was most excited to visit Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. I remember enjoying my first little bite of Ladurée macarons as we sat in the gardens at the Louvre. It was love at first bite. To this day, a box of these pastel macarons brings back so many happy memories. I admire them as long as possible before I enjoy them because they are almost too cute to eat! Treats like this can make a simple evening into a tiny event that you enjoy and savor. It doesn’t have to be macarons, it could be anything from a glass of wine to a cheese tray.



Fresh flowers are always a good idea. They are such a delicate detail that can transform any room with any style by adding a touch of color, a pleasant scent, and a warm ambience. I would actually love to take a styling class for floral arrangements if that even exists, but for now I will continue to make it up as I go.


I typically drink a lot of water and I love buying new cups when I see one that catches my eye, but none of those live up to my new fave. I have used this pink Yeti cup every single day since Philipp gifted it to me for Valentine’s day. I love it so much that I just ordered another pink one in the larger size too! It sounds like the most trivial and simple detail but this cup brings me joy! First of all it’s pink plus it keeps my water cold at work, during workouts, and out running errands. I talked about my love for mine so much that Philipp got the blue one and he takes his everywhere with him too.


Of course the root of happiness lies in ourselves and with those we love, but it is fun to enjoy all the world has to offer along the way. Finding happiness in the small stuff just makes life that much sweeter.


One thought on “Currently in the Mood for Happiness

  1. Swoon; your pictures are so beautiful! And I agree, spring is the perfect time for more happiness and a fresh start! I love the idea of a 5 minute journal and those flowers are stunning! ❤

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