Lakeside in Germany

I hope everyone had a long and relaxing Memorial day weekend. Philipp and I spent the entire weekend at home watching movies and cooking dinners together. It felt nice to have some down time without any big plans or anywhere to be. On the other hand, I would be back in Germany in a heartbeat soaking up the sun at Lake Konstanz and eating comforting German cuisine.


When planning our trip, I initially wanted to visit Lake Como as I have never been to Italy.  For weeks, I had been dreaming of eating pasta and sipping cocktails along the lake, but the weather had other plans. Since it was raining and cloudy at Como, we decided lakeside in Germany was the next best option… so we drove to Lake Konstanz for a day trip instead. The only thing left to do was decide which charming village we wanted to see. Philipp mentioned Meersburg which looked perfect with picturesque lakes views and charming architecture.  Everything that I wanted.



When I was searching for outfits for our trip, I had a certain vibe in mind for the lake. I wanted something effortless yet classic. So when I found these cropped wide leg trousers, I knew they would go great. Nothing says European summer elegance like a linen blend and a white loose fitted top. Once again this white button down paired perfectly with yet another ensemble. My favorite part of this look though were these Pom Pom Loafer Slides that I wanted to wear everyday. They gave the whole outfit the tropical holiday feel it needed. And although we didn’t make it to Lake Como on this trip, everything aligned so that my vision still came to life.


The weather was almost perfect the entire day through. The sun was beaming and it was a bit windy which added a chill to the air. Of course my pink denim jacket saved the day by keeping the cold at bay. We explored the town for a bit before the strong winds hurried us to find the nearest restaurant to take cover. As soon as we sat at Hotel Strand Cafe and ordered our drinks, there was a slight downpour. Luckily we were seated under a canopy and barely missed getting soaked. The rain must have lasted no longer than ten minutes before the sun was out again. We both ordered the Schnitzel which I have to say was one of the best I have ever eaten.



After lunch, we walked through the village once more making our way to a viewpoint overlooking the lake from a higher perspective. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in Germany. From the snow capped tips of the Alps in the far distance to the crystal blue sky being reflected over the surface of the lake. I felt so happy!



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