A Day in France: Colmar and Eguisheim

Outfit Details:

Bonjour! The last bit of our Europe trip was spent in France. We drove the short two and a half hours to Colmar, located in the beautiful Alsatian region of France close to the border to Germany.  This region includes touches of German architecture and culture as it was claimed as German territory more than once. With the influence of two countries, Colmar is definitely a site to see. The combination of half timbered homes and french color palettes makes it feel unreal. We last visited for a Christmas market a few years ago during December so seeing the town glow in the sun was like visiting a new place altogether.




Last time we came to Colmar, we posed for a photo in this exact spot (above). Now we can look back and compare photos making it fun to reminisce. Years ago we were bundled up from the winter weather trying to keep as warm as possible. This trip was much more enjoyable. I chose the most colorful outfit I packed in my suitcase including this striped top and a pair of green flowy pants with a sweet butterfly print. The pairing of the two prints made for a fun and unexpected outfit that suited the surroundings perfectly.


After a few hours in Colmar exploring the historic old town, we drove the twenty minutes to a nearby town called Eguisheim. The city center is surrounded by cafes, a medieval church, and a story book fountain making it the place to sit and relax while enjoying a gelato or french pastry. This little town is built around a castle with narrow streets that expand from the city center forming a ring pattern. As we walked along the cobblestone paths, we were led around infinite bends revealing picturesque views at every turn.

To be continued…



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