My Favorite Sports Bras

Hi Everyone!

So I decided that my very first blog post would be centered around one of the things I am most passionate about, which is working out. Now I am no size 2, but that is not as important to me as feeling good about myself and my health. I think I have always been into the whole fitness thing, but I felt that 2014 called for a new aspect of thinking when it came to my overall fitness. I would be lieing if I said I did not want to shed some pounds, but this year is more about feeling healthier and having more energy! So I thought that I would share one my favorite workout accessories with you guys.

Nike Sports Bras! 


I absolutely love these sports bras! I have built up a nice collection over the past few years and these are my absolute favorite ones! Some people could argue that it does not matter what you are wearing when you workout, but there is just something about putting on that colorful sports bra that just really puts a smile on my face. The happier I feel going into the workout, the more positive I remain throughout!


There are also the days when I feel like being a little more edgy and usually grab for some of my deeper colored ones like black, blue or grey! However, I am usually attracted to the more girly and fun colors.


I usually buy mine at Academy Sports and they always have tons of colors, but I am sure you can pretty much find them at any Fitness store!


So, goodluck on your New Year´s Resolutions whether they be fitness or not!

Just remember that doing something is better than doing nothing and a little goes a long way!

Thanks for reading!


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