Favorite Lip Product (at the moment)

Hi Everyone,

So, I live in Germany with my Fiance, Philipp, and there are several beauty brands that I have lusted over for the past year, but could never get my hands on. I know I know. I suppose I could have ordered online, but I am just one of those girls who needs to see a product in person before I am going to spend money on it. So…I waited and built up a pretty substantial list of beauty products that I needed to try. Okay,so I didn´t “need” them, but I wanted them! So, I would constantly send my lovely mother on little excursions to find this or that product. One of them being the oh so hyped “white russian” lip cream by Buxom.


I rarely become so addicted to a product that it doesn´t leave my sight, but this one has not left my handbag since the first time I put it on my lips!

I love everything about it, so I knew I just had to pick up another one before I left the U.S. and wouldn´t find one for heaven knows how many kilometers away!


It didnt take me too long to decide on this beauty. The name is “Berry Blast” and it is stunning.

The color payoff for both is spot on so what you see is what you get. The color applied on the lips is identical to the way it looks in the tube, so you don´t need to keep layering and layering. Just one and done.


I don´t know about you all, but the way a product feels on my lips is super important. I love these because they are so creamy. You don´t have to worry about messing it up everytime you decide to put your lips together like some of the stickier lip products and it doesn´t dry your lips out either!

One thing I do need to mention is that you do get a tingling senation a short while after you apply it, so if you aren´t a fan of that then I am sorry to say you most likely won´t love this as much as I do. I actually love the plumping feel and find that that is one of my favorite things about these lip creams.  I don´t really see a big difference in the plumpness of my lips, but I like the fact that it makes me feel like my lips are plumper! A girl can dream, right?

Purchased at Sephora for $19.00
Purchased at Sephora for $19.00

Anyway, I hope you check these out and will love them as much I love do. I definitely have my eye on a few more colors and hope to add a couple to my collection.

Thanks for reading!



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