H&M Pastel Beanies

Hi lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I have been a little under the weather this week, so I am happy to be finally feeling better today. It is such a beautiful sunny day here in Germany, so I should probably go out for a walk, but instead choosing lounge wear and some Netflix with the fiance. hehe

 So anyway……on to the goods!  I had mentioned in my previous post that I have been obsessing over all things pastel lately, so I decided to make the next few posts about my newest pastel additions. Now, I have never been crazy about beanies because I just thought there was nothing feminine about them whatsoever…..until I found these from H&M. The colors are so perfect for spring, especially if you live in a place where spring doesn´t exactly consist of warm weathered days. I currently live in Germany so I know that I will get so much use out of these this spring since it usually stays cold here for a while longer. It can be somewhat difficult to dress for spring when the weather feels like winter, so I thought these would be a nice way to brighten up my spring attire. I have already worn the mint green one with my powder pink coat from Zara and loved it! Not only are the colors beautiful, but the quality really surprised me. Don´t get me wrong….I think H&M has some really cute stuff, but I also go in knowing that I will get what I pay for, so when I found these, tried them on, and felt the quality….it was a done deal.

H&M Pastel Beanies 1

H&M Pastel Beanies 2

Thanks for reading guys!


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