Pastel Statement Necklaces

 I brought along quite a few statement necklaces from the States when we moved here to Germany last year, but I didn´t really own too many pastel shades. So, I knew when we went home to Texas for Christmas that I needed to add a few more statement pieces to my collection. I received this beautiful blue one as a gift from my parents and love it! I believe my mom ordered it online, but I couldn´t tell you the exact site; however, I have seen it a few times on Pinterest and I know this style should be relatively easy to find.

Pastel blue necklace 1

  As soon as we came back from holiday, I was on a mission to find a few more pieces that would be great for Spring and Summer. So while we were in Frankfurt for Valentine´s day, I came across this one from Primark. It feels heavier than most of their necklaces and for only 8 Euro…you cannot go wrong so of course it had to come home with me. I think it will be perfect with some nice flowy dresses or a nice solid top with a skirt or shorts for Spring and Summer.

Pastel Multi Necklace 2-2

 Lastly, but not least and my current favorite is this mint green beauty from Forever 21. I have already worn it with a basic white dress shirt buttoned all the way up and it really made the outfit pop. The color is perfect, especially with the gold accent.  I believe it was around 16 Euro, but it definitely looks and feels at least double that, so I was sold. You can pair this with some solid pieces, but still make a statement, which is why I love it so much!

Pastel Flower Necklace 2

I am really hoping I can find some more fun and colorful pieces to add to my collection. I just find that a great necklace will spice up any outfit and bring it all together so wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “Pastel Statement Necklaces

  1. I loooove a statement necklace… it’s a shame really that I don’t own any! I’m just too fussy when it comes to jewelry but I do like all three of yours, which makes me think I’m looking in the wrong places. Lovely post 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Mihaella and your name is beautiful by the way! I love finding new statement pieces 🙂 Although, it can be quite difficult to choose because there are so many out there! I hope you can find your perfect piece:)

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