Macaron Love

Ever since my fiance and I took a trip to Paris last summer, I have loved everything macaron. Visiting Laduree was as high up on my to do list as seeing the Eiffel Tower and it was well worth it. I loved everything about it from the atmosphere to picking out my adorable box to choosing the flavors. In fact, I loved it so much that I had to go again before we left, so we decided to visit the one on Champs-Elysees. This location was a bit more crowded and hectic but nonetheless….breathtaking. The macarons did not disappoint, but I did find myself feeling sad to have to eat them. Not because of some crazy diet or anything like that, but because I wished I could keep them like that forever!

So….a few weeks later I came across these…..

Macaroon ALL 1

Purchased at Urban Outfitters for $10.00 each
Purchased at Urban Outfitters for $10.00 each

I was actually just browsing through Pinterest like usual and happened to stumble across a photo that included one of these adorable macarons, so I did some research and found them online at Urban Outfitters. I would have purchased an entire box if I could, but I managed to calm myself. I currently own five and display them on a two tiered desert tray, but occasionally pack one in my bag to store loose rings or earrings while away from home.

Macaroon ALL 3

Macaroon Ring 1

I have found that my absolute favorite use of these is to act as mint dispensers!! I bought some tick tacks and some regular mints at the store, put them in one of the macarons and Voila! I instantly have a new fun accessory. The macaron snaps closed so you don´t have to worry about a dozen mints loose in your bag, but just in case I carry it in the side pocket in my handbag.

Macaroon Tick Tacks 1

Macaroon white mints 1

Macroon White Mints 2

I find that it´s fun things like these that make the best conversation pieces.

Thanks for reading!


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