Ice Cream Sunday

Although moving back to the United States has its perks, we really miss living in Europe. One of our favorite weekend rituals was popping into Stuttgart for some Gelato or finding the nearest and yummiest Crêpe. Our rituals here have definitely stayed the same, but in a different place with different norms. We haven’t found Crêpes that relate to the ones in Europe, but we did find an amazing Gelato Shop! I think this gem is going to be the closest we will get to Gelato in Europe as the owner himself is from Italy.




I also miss the cooler summer weather in Germany, but I think anywhere is cooler than here (temperature wise). I have been reaching for light summery dresses in order to beat the heat and recently picked up this white one from Ann Taylor. I can’t get enough of it and have worn it a couple of times already. I paired it with some blue Hogl slippers that I bought on my very first visit to Germany a few years back and love them because they are so easy and comfortable.

I think the star of the outfit is this faux fur bag! It is one of my most unique and favorite accessories in my closet. It doesn’t fit much yet just enough. I usually bring some cards and cash, my phone and a lipstick. I only need the essentials and good to go. As if the bag isn’t cute enough, I attached this faux fur charm to add a little something extra!




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