Fallin’ for Ponchos

I love ponchos. Who wouldn’t love wearing a glorified blanket out and about and getting away with it? No one. They have a way of  transforming simple pieces into something chic and effortless, whilst keeping you cozy. My go to look is a black cotton turtle neck, leggings, and a pair of boots. This time I chose my black patent Hunter boots since we were spending the day outdoors and I love how they compliment the entire look.

Also, looking back at all these photos makes me realize some things. This is all a new beginning for me. The leaves are falling off the trees helping them prepare for a new season. This pretty much sums up my life right now. The last couple of years have been the hardest for me. Losing my mom/best friend turned my life upside down leaving me lost and shaken up. Yet it is time for me to shed my “leaves”and prepare for my future. I am not looking back, only ahead.


I really hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Thank you for reading!



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