Afternoon by the Lake

December has flown by so fast! It is hard to believe that my birthday is less than a week away and I will be one year older. I have so many goals for my next year of life and cannot wait to share them with you all. For starters, I plan to explore Georgia and all of its beauty. This is something I regret not doing whilst living in Germany. It is so easy to just stay at home and lounge all weekend, but I really want to enjoy the outdoor world more. Philipp and I kickstarted our desire for more nature by taking a short drive to this beautiful nearby lake. We arrived just in time to soak up the last bit of sun and feel the fresh breeze. It was seriously the perfect day and I am excited to go back in late spring for a picnic or two.


Although it was just a casual get out of the house kind of trip, I wanted to feel my best! I put this outfit together real quick and I loved the way it made me feel. First of all, the peacoat is one of my go to winter staples because it has a way of making any outfit look chic and timeless. These ripped Jamie Jeans added some edge along with these Quay sunnies which look super badass if I say so myself. I overall loved this look and will definitely be wearing it again soon!



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