Metallic Nikes

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! This year, Philipp and I will be spending our first Christmas in Georgia just the two of us. Although I wish we were traveling to see our families, I am excited to have some time to reorganize our place to prepare us for a successful new year. As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a long list of goals I want to achieve for the upcoming year, including exploring new places. This obviously includes taking trips to other cities, but also getting familiar with the area in which we live.


We recently hopped in the car and took a drive in search of something new and exciting. We ended up discovering so many charming neighborhoods filled with historic homes dressed in Holiday wreaths and twinkling lights. I really love the look of all the southern homes and am dreaming to see them during the spring time with flowers blooming all around. This drive really sparked my desire to continue to explore on a whim, especially if it meant there was treasure to be found.


Searching for new treasures is hard work, so I need to be comfortable in what I am wearing. I usually opt for a sneaker, like these metallic nike ones (similar here) that I have been wearing a lot lately. They are so easy and comfortable when doing a lot of walking or shopping, but still add a nice pop to a super casual outfit. I have been enjoying the metallic trend the past couple of years and I hope it doesn’t fade away any time soon.


Thank you for reading! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!



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