A Weekend in Charleston, SC

We’ve been wanting to visit Charleston since the beginning of the year so a couple of weeks ago we decided to take a quick trip over the long labor day weekend. We left early in the morning to start the four and a half hour drive and arrived to our hotel around lunch time. We checked in, freshened up, and immediately headed out to explore! We didn’t even make it a block down the street before it started pouring rain and of course we had left the umbrella back in our hotel room. We dashed back to change (I was wearing white pants), grabbed the umbrella, and made another attempt.




By this time we were hungry and made our way across the bridge to Mount Pleasant. We really wanted to eat at The Americano, but unfortunately it was closed for business. It is the cutest cuban styled restaurant and I was a bit disappointed since we had our mind set on eating there. We weren’t upset for long since we knew there was a Grimaldis nearby. Philipp and I love this pizza place. We once drove two hours to Greenville, SC just to eat there since we do not have one in Georgia. After lunch, we drove to Sullivan’s Island to take a walk on the beach. Philipp and I have never been to an ocean together. We walked up to the water and stood there letting the waves hit our feet simultaneously. Cheesy right? It was perfect. It is always fun experiencing things together for the first time.



Later in the evening, we drove around Charleston spotting what we were interested in getting a closer look at the following morning. Rainbow row was on the very top of my list. We headed back to the hotel and relaxed the rest of the evening since we knew we would be doing a lot of walking the next day.











We decided to order breakfast to the room on Sunday morning so we could take our time getting ready and headed out to explore on foot. I paired my fave pink Nike Theas
( similar here) with this blue checkered dress ( similar here ) that I had found recently at the Anthropologie sale, which I thought would be perfect for the last weeks of summer.



As we walked along East Bay street, I was smiling ear to ear with every turn we took. There was something to see around every corner. Colorful doors and houses, beautiful gates and fences, and flowing greenery everywhere. The charm of the city is really something special to see and we are looking forward to going back soon. I could never get enough. I can just imagine what it will look like during the holidays with Christmas wreaths on every door and poinsettias on every doorstep. I can’t wait!


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