Hat and Hunters

And here we are, more than half way through the first month of a new year. I feel like it just started but as I get older, the time seems to fly by faster and faster. This makes it hard to enjoy some of the everyday simplicities in life like taking a walk or reading a book. I can remember waking up on the weekends and enjoying some treats my mom had picked up at a local bakery and wanted to find some near us. Philipp and I did some more exploring last weekend and stumbled across exactly what I needed: a Mexican bakery with the cutest pink building. I have been missing my favorite one back in Texas so this made my day. Of course I will need to limit my intake since we are focusing on what goes into our bodies, but a sweet treat every now and then won’t do me that much harm, right?



The weather was so beautiful and sunny so I wore this hat from Madewell to protect my face from the sun and put on my favorite sunnies last seen here . We spent some time walking around, then headed home to relax and enjoy our goodies. Needless to say, they were delicious and I am excited to go back and pick up some more soon. Until then, I will continue to dream of their deliciousness.





Madewell hat (on sale), Quay Sunnies , Loft Top (old), TopShop Jeans , J Crew Vest (Husband’s), Hunter Boots , Louis Vuitton Bag

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