Apple Picking

Ever since I met my now husband, Philipp, I have loved listening to him share his childhood memories. He grew up in Germany and his experiences have always sounded so magical and dreamy as if they were taken right out of a story book. He’s told stories about going out to his grandparent’s property every year to help gather up all of the apples. They made it a family event with everyone helping to pick and place them into brown burlap sacks. His grandfather would then take them to a nearby shop to get them pressed into fresh apple cider. This all sounded like a dream to me and I was so excited to get to experience apple picking for myself.


After doing a little bit of research, we found a handful of apple farms in the north Georgia area and decided to visit B.J. Reece Orchards. We got a late start and arrived around noon. It seemed like everyone had the same idea because the line to enter was super long. It was only a matter of time and in we went. I headed straight for the golden delicious as those are my favorite kind of apples. I love their crisp texture and sweet taste.


There were dozens of apples that had already fallen or had been picked lying under the trees and sadly smashed so I was thankful I had worn my Hunter boots . The sun was shining which made it quite warm, but every so often came a light breeze to cool us off. I hoped to wear a fall outfit, but after looking at the forecast, I decided on this comfy shirt dress (on sale here). I also ended up bringing my own basket which I know will come in handy around our home.


Our basket was filled with plenty golden deliciousness, and as we walked in and out of each row we decided to pick some of the Red Rome apples as well to try. After picking for a bit, we worked up a thirst so we walked over to the Apple House to pick up some Apple Cider. They had the traditional kind, but also a variety of other flavors from which to choose. We opted for the peach and the traditional. I was also craving an apple cider donut, but unfortunately the line was too long. Maybe next time.


We had the best day! Thank you all for reading.


*This post contains Shopstyle affiliate links. Should you feel inclined to click on any of the above links (at no cost to you, my readers), I will be ever so grateful as they provide me income to continue following my passion.

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