What I Keep in My Handbag

The last two weeks have been so busy! Philipp and I hosted an intimate dinner party with a few of our friends to celebrate his birthday. We had so much fun and are looking forward to hosting more this year. Then my sweet mother-in-law flew in to spend P’s birthday here with us and we loved having her. We were so sad to see her go but knowing our flights are booked for our next trip to Germany made it a lot easier to say goodbye for just a short while. I took a little break from posting to enjoy our time with her but today I am back sharing the typical everyday essentials I keep in my handbag.


I like to switch up my handbag pretty often. Sometimes I even switch it everyday depending on my ensemble. However, these are the typical everyday items that are always with me in my bag.

Wallet (similar here)- This Louis Vuitton Wallet was a gift for my 21st birthday and I adore it just as much as the day I received it. It holds everything I need and more. I love the two press stud closures as opposed to a zipper because it allows easy and quick access. Plus it has truly stood the test of time still looking like new!

Key Pouch and Keys – Handbags are my splurge pieces so I aim to keep them in the best shape possible. I used to just throw my keys into my handbag without giving it a thought. Then I came across key pouches. You can attach this one to your handbag so you won’t go on searching for your loose keys while also keeping the inside of your bag in pristine condition.

Sunglasses– During the day my sunglasses are usually attached to my body but I always leave room in my bag just in case the clouds come out. I have been sporting this specific style a lot recently. They just give me that summer vibe I am yearning for lately.

Hair ties– I usually forget to take my hair bands off of my wrists, but when I do I add one in my handbag just in case. I like the Scünci brand.

Brush– There has been more than one occasion when we have driven with the windows down and I didn’t bring a hair brush. Lesson learned. My hair gets tangled pretty easy so I like to have this mini but mighty brush on hand-bag. 🙂

Lipstick-I always bring with me a shade of red or pink lip color in my handbag for touch ups.

Phone- This is another item I usually have in hand or at the ready for photos. Although it is nice to leave it aside for date nights.


*This post contains affiliate links. Should you feel inclined to click on any of the above links (at no cost to you, my readers), I will be ever so grateful as they provide me income to continue following my passion.

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