Furniture Makeover Using Chalk Paint

After having the same bedroom furniture for almost a decade it was time to either invest in new pieces or find a way to update our current situation. Of course our initial thought was to go out and purchase everything new, but that would be super pricey and we are saving that experience for when we find our first home together. This left us with the idea of painting our pieces. We didn’t want to go through all of the hassle of sanding and priming so we researched our options, which is when we came across the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. We found that with her paints we could skip all of the tedious steps and just start painting! We headed to the nearest Annie Sloan distributor we could find to see the colors in person. We debated over a few of the options, but decided that Paris Grey would pair best with our other furniture.

Beginning with our night stands, we removed all of the hardware, detached the drawers, and wiped all of the pieces with a multi surface cleaner we had in our cleaning cupboard. After mixing the paint, we began our first layer making sure to apply thin coats to achieve a contemporary finish. Feel free to also apply thicker coats if you plan on sanding in the end to create a more aged effect. We let it dry and repeated the same technique for the second application.

Whilst we waited for the coats of paint to dry, we took to the hardware. We decided to spray paint the existing pieces with a matte gold to compliment the grey base. Adding new novelty hardware would also add some cheer to any refreshed piece if the knobs happen to be in the middle of the drawers.

Lastly, we sealed the paint with the Annie Sloan Clear Chalk Paint Wax because we wanted to maintain the light shade of grey. Expect the grey to darken a bit with the clear wax but not a dramatic difference. There is also a darker wax if you fancy a more aged and textured look. We love the way our pieces turned out and already have other projects in mind.

*This post contains Shopstyle affiliate links. Should you feel inclined to click on any of the above links (at no cost to you, my readers), I will be ever so grateful as they provide me income to continue following my passion.

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