Pink Lace Dress

And just like that, it’s November already! The next two months will be filled with holiday parties and gatherings galore. My favorite part of all the festivities is hunting for the perfect ensemble from the dress, jewelry, shoes, you name it. I recently wore this gorgeous pink lace dress for a special occasion and can’t wait to wear it again the first chance I get. The lace gives it a feminine and classic feel while the off the shoulder design gives it a splash of modern. I decided to keep it simple with the shoes ( on sale here ) and jewelry to allow the dress to shine, but also wore my favorite bag at the moment ( also seen here ) and tied a bandeau around the handle for a touch of color and elegance.


I really enjoy getting dressed up to spend an evening with my husband. We need to make a point to do it more often whether it be going out for drinks or a nice dinner. Occasions like these have a way of ridding any worry if only for a night and make for some great memories. Let the festivities begin!


*This post contains Shopstyle affiliate links. Should you feel inclined to click on any of the above links (at no cost to you, my readers), I will be ever so grateful as they provide me income to continue following my passion.

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