Afternoon Tea at Home

A couple weeks back, P and I enjoyed dinner at a local German restaurant for our weekly date night. Every time we eat there we choose a few of their homemade desserts to take home and this time was no different. As we walked up to the bakery, I immediately eyed a cake with pink icing which I knew I had to try. Philipp chose a Tiramisu cake and we agreed on a few cookies to take home as well.

As we were waiting for our dinner to arrive, I kept thinking about the pink cake and how all of the desserts looked too pretty to eat just like at a fancy tea parlor. I have always wanted to experience an afternoon tea at Sketch London but being as it is across the ocean I would have to have my own afternoon tea at home!


A few years ago my mom found this beautiful cart at an antique store which we have always used to display our crystal decanters and other cocktail essentials. I decided that it was time to use it for our fancy at home tea. I used the top half for serving the tea and the lower portion for the desserts and after tea drinks. The best part was admiring how pretty everything looked, especially the desserts on the crystal cake tray!



If there is one thing we love, it’s a bit of a theme. We usually choose a playlist on Spotify that fits our mood for that day or evening. Since we were enjoying a fancy tea we put on some London cafe music and lit a rose scented candle. We enjoyed our Chai tea, desserts and a cocktail to end the early evening. I love how last minute plans make for the most memorable and hope to have more of this to come.


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